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Secrets Revealed - How To Get Money On CityVille

Are you looking for tips on how to get money on CityVille? Money, commonly known as coins and cash on CityVille, is really important for building a huge and happy city just like in our real world. Only by using the right techniques and strategies, players can get sufficient money to fulfill all their dreams in the game. How to get more money on CityVille? Basically, there are 3 ways...
How to Get Money on CityVille? - 1. By Growing Goods
Goods are the basic element for making money on CityVille. At the very start, you need to focus on growing enough crops to supplying all your businesses and to collect coins and XP points. As for grow crops, you need to plan ahead and know about choosing the right crops to grow at the right time. Because crops will expire if not harvested at the right time. This way you will waste some money.
How To Get More Money On Cityville? - 2. By Franchising
Franchises are a good way to get money from others' work. On CityVille, you have two ways of franchising. One is to open your own franchises. First, you need to open that business in your city, and then open then franchises in the cities of your neighbors. This way you will get a steady income from your franchises On CityVille. Remember, when putting a franchise in other's city, you need to remind that neighbor to set it up at his end.

The other way is to invite your friends to open franchises in your city. Firstly, you go to the build mode and choose business. Then click the first icon which is the plot of land with signs on it. Choose suitable places a few plots of land for franchises. So when your friends visit, they will see a white sign with yellow and green graphics and place a franchise there. This building of franchises in your city will not cost any coins, but will surely bring some free money for you on CityVille.
How To Make Money On Cityville? - 3. By Using Neighbors
There are also two way of using neighbors in order to get more money on CityVille. One is to helping your neighbors with their goals, and the other is to ask your neighbors to help you complete your goals. Either way, you can make money on CityVille.
Helping neighbors will not get you more XP points for leveling up, but also bring you free coins for example by helping them with harvesting crops. While with neighbors' help, you can save your energy for other tasks but also collect money at the same time. So this is a win-win process and is very significant for learning how to get more money on CityVille.
You will have other ways of how to get money on CityVille, for example completing goals, leveling up and so on. To learn more strategies and techniques about CityVille, you can first read my Review of CityVille Secrets.
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