Friday, 24 May 2013

Finally the Secret Method About How to Make Money Online Instantly Revealed

Hey John is here today and thanks for landing on one of my articles. Today I would like to reveal to you the secret about how to make money online in minutes from now. Just imagine you will be able to start making first sales online just in few minutes or hours from now. How does that feel tell me?
I know you're excited about it and I know that you should hold yourself now because after you will finish reading this article you might fail to the ground from your chair.
The idea is quite effective and at the same time very simple to implement and to use. Even 14 years teenager can make money online with this powerful technique, unless he or she doesn't know how to read or follow the simple step-by-step silly instructions.
So firstly you want to go to and to register for a free account. Then you will want to pick up product to start promoting, but the one that will have at least one percent conversion rate. By conversion rate I mean that for each hundred visitors you deliver to your affiliate products webpage you get one sale.
Then you will need to go to and register for free account out there.
Just keep reading and you will see that with this powerful make money online program you will be able to make your first money online in minutes or hours from now.
After you will join you will want to go to advertisements page. Because there you will be able to put your ads to millions of people to see it, which means you will start driving targeted visitors to your affiliate products Web page and making sales, simple as that.
But here is the main question you need to know answer to.
How to create an ad that will make money for you in minutes from now?
Well, that's why I am here actually. I'm here to help you to make more money online and to reveal to you those secrets that made me already tons of cash online.
You will want to create ad that will have emotional response from people will read it or see it. First of all you will need to add high-quality interesting and eye-catching picture. And then use words like: powerful, simple, easy, secrets, underground, imagine, in minutes from now, how does an idea about (key phrase) sound to you?, and so on and so far.
And here is another very important thing you must keep in your mind.
If you will, for example for each sale of the product you will be promoting on, get $50 in commission you will want to spend for each click on your ad less than $.30.
Because: 100x&.30=$30 and after 100 clicks on your ad you should make one sale. So that means you will make $20 in profits.
And then simply repeat the process to make more money online rapidly fast and in huge amounts.
Are still sitting on your chair?
To your success online, and thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How to Get Money to Start a Business - Some New Alternatives

In order to start a traditional business or franchise you are going to need substantial up front capital in the form of a bank loan, or you need to know how to get money to start a business. Start up costs will vary depending on the type and size of business you are starting. Businesses usually don't turn a profit in the first six months, so you will have to factor that into your budget. To figure out your start up cost you are going to have to do your research. There are several ways you can do that.
One way is to interview business owners who have already done it. If the possibility of competition is not a factor, offer to take them out to lunch and pick their brains a bit. If you were to attend trade shows you would find a collective group of business owners that have traveled down a path similar to what you are facing. There is also the use of libraries and the internet that both offer a wealth of free information on how to get money to start a business.
Today thanks to technology and the internet there are some extremely profitable alternatives to starting a traditional business with a fraction of the start up cost and very limited overhead. It is completely possible to start your own personal franchise for under $5k and be making six figures within your first year. It is not uncommon for internet entrepreneurs to make $20-50K per month from home or anywhere else in the world they wish to work.
It really comes down to investing in yourself. Because as an entrepreneur only one person is responsible for your success or failure and that is you. What if I were to tell you that there is no recession on the internet? Would you be willing to be mentored by a group of professional internet entrepreneurs who can provide you with the exact business model they have used to create total financial freedom for themselves?
If you truly believe in yourself, are ready to invest in yourself, and want to know how to get money to start a business and be successful then nothing can stop you. It's all about having the right mindset and skill set.
This economy is changing fast and the ones who are going to be successful are going to have to have to move with the trends. What is to stop you from using your credit cards to invest $3-5K in your business? It is seed money to grow your business. What if you continued to work your job and saved $5K to start your personal internet franchise?
If you really want it and you learn about the alternatives to the expense of starting a traditional venture, you can discover how to get money to start a business leveraging technology and the internet. Check out how these young entrepreneurs are helping to create 100 new millionaires by 2012 by visiting: []
Johnny Wall is a home based business builder, Internet marketer, and trainer with a passion for showing others how to create real and lasting freedom for themselves through entrepreneurship and a practical approach toward personal growth. Johnny works with a group of inspired entrepreneurs who are committed to contributing to the new economy and to empower as many as possible to achieve personal and financial success in their lives.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

How to Get Money From the Search Engines With No Out of Pocket Expense

If you want to know how to get money from the search engines and not spend a dime of your own to do it, you've found what you're looking for.
I get free money from Google, Yahoo, and MSN among others. And everyday I do it with no out of pocket expense... here's how.
First I find a good products to sell... someone else's product: I tend to stick to digital products like eBooks because the owners of those products pay a 50-75% commission when you sell them.
I then write articles about the product and submit them to the top article directories like, Google absolutely loves EZA and a lot of their content gets marked on the first page of the search results.
Now, you build your own website but if you are trying to get money from the search engines without spending any of your own, you don't want to sign up for a domain or web hosting. What you want to do is use free alternatives like, squidoo, or Hub pages.
These are all free to use and the search engines love them. But that in it's own is not enough to guarantee a top spot.
What you want to do is keep writing quality article and link to your sites in order to do what's called "back linking."
This is vital to do and must be done correctly in order to work, but once you know how it's a piece of cake to get money from the search engines and you will be well on your way to working for yourself, all without any out of pocket expense.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Truth About How to Make Money With No Job

After you read this article most likely know the truth about how to make money with no job on the Internet and what most sales pages won't tell you. The truth is, I probably should let you know that most sales figures are full of hype. They try to seduce you and feed on your emotions so you can purchase whatever they say is promising. I know this because I learned from experience.
Does that mean all opportunities online are bad? Of course not! I make money on the Internet but I do understand that a lot of people have the wrong business mindset. Most of the times it is not their fault because they simply were told something else.
The truth is, in order to succeed in any business online you must come in with the right mindset and understand that you're going to hit struggles and have some failures. If you have a strong mindset and quit over any little thing that happens, this is not the business for you.
I feel that people need to truly understand what it takes to succeed on the Internet. They need to understand that nothing will come to you and there is plenty of get-rich-quick hype out there. Stop looking for quick ways to make money and build a solid long-term business and build relationships along the way. By doing so you will have a strong customer base and also understand the fundamental principles of online business that you can truly leverage and teach others how to make money with no job also.
Stop falling for the hype and go out there and make it happen.
Want to learn how to make a part time income or full time living online from a measly $10 biz? Check out the link below to learn how you can make that happen.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Truth About How To Get Published

It's unbelievable how book publishing has been greatly effected by technological advancements. New tools and methods are helping the industry to grow. For both writers and publishers, this means increased control over book production as well as better quality control. For example, modern technology offers more efficient ways to check grammar and spelling. These tools can be used for both traditional paper-based publishing and electronic publishing.
The result is that both publishers can take a more relaxed approach to book publishing. And with all of these options available, the cost of publishing a book has now come down considerably.
The Traditional Publishing Method
You can have your book published in a number of different ways. Whether you go the traditional route through a publisher, or choose to publish yourself, you're ultimately responsible for the end product.
As a way to start, you can submit manuscripts to publishing houses or agents. However, before this step, you should know exactly what kind of publisher you're looking for.
Check the publisher's credentials so that you don't waste your time and money getting your book published with a low-quality company. Finding information about publishers is easier than ever now with all of the online resources that are available.
Of course, there are also considerations to keep in mind while writing your book. You need a good story that flows well and captivates the reader. It also needs believable characters that readers can relate to and a plot that moves along logically.
The key to finding the right publisher is to know what type of works they publish. Your research in this area ensures that your book ends up in the right publisher's hands. For example, if you're writing a work of romantic fiction, you don't want to send it to a publisher who publishes horror and science fiction.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

How To Get Money Quick - 3 Secrets of Moms in Business

When people hear the words: making money online or work from home, most of them would really be interested, especially if they are mothers. Nowadays, when you look at the morning paper or surf the World Wide Web, you'll come across stories, blogs and websites about moms in business and how you can get money quick while at home, with just a computer and a reliable internet connection. Not all home based workers are successful, though; there are certain characteristics and actions you'll have to observe to better succeed at making money online opportunities. Here are 3 of the most important:
1. Have a Plan
Whether it's your own business you want to have, a promotion you're eyeing, a vacation you dream of taking with your loved ones, you have to PLAN. People who work from home for years will tell you that they wouldn't be where they are today e.g. with lots of clients, without planning. To get money quick doesn't mean just snapping your fingers and the $$$ will instantly fall on to your lap. Ask successful moms in business and they will always mention the importance of coming up with a plan and turning that plan into a reality.
Research about making money online e.g. what opportunities are there that will suit you; learn about the pros and cons of working home based versus working in the corporate world; attend trainings that focus on work from home topics, tips and tricks, and the like.
2. Do what you Love
Imagine that you are able to get money quick, BUT, you have to do something you hate. For instance, the current job offer you have online will pay you $1,000 monthly, but you have to perform phone sex which is something that goes against your values. Would you do it? Seasoned moms in business will usually remind you that making money online isn't always about the money - if you want to be a happy mompreneur, the earnings and your job satisfaction should go hand in hand. Perform jobs that you love. True, you can do something you hate and earn lots of money, but eventually, you'll find yourself quitting and looking for a work from home gig that makes you feel happy, even if the pay is lower.
If you love writing, you can be a mumpreneur who ghost writes and is able to get money quick. If you have customer service experience, you'll be amazed that there are lots of opportunities online that pay you to provide customer service e.g. via email, chat and over the phone. There are so many opportunities!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

How To Get Money By Selling E-Books

It is easy to know and implement how to get money by selling e-books. The best way is to write your own e-book. If you think you cannot write a book, then there are many affiliate e-books that you can promote. However, nothing can be better than writing your own e-book and selling it online. It will be your own unique product and you will get all the profit. There will be no commission involved as in the case of selling affiliate e-books.
Now coming to the key task of writing an e-book, first think about the subjects that interest you or in which you have some kind of expertise. When you have some ideas short-listed, you can do an online research to see if there are any e-books on similar themes available. Also, you must do a keyword research to know people interested in that particular subject.
Once you are clear about the subject and know that there is enough market demand, you can move to the next step. Think of a catchy title as it can do wonders to your money maker e-book initiative. Think about the content and design a Table of Contents accordingly before you proceed with writing. You can also get your e-book written from a professional e-book writer, if you are not too confident about writing one on your own.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

How To Get Money in Online Marketing

How to get money is a question that more and more people are asking as the economy continues to struggle, and the hassles of dealing with their jobs increase. Getting paid online is usually the first thing people think of when they think of avoiding monotonous commute of sitting in traffic for hours in order to get somewhere that should only take minutes.
Getting paid online offers the ordinary person the ability to grab share of a market, and compete for a share of whatever profits are generated. Think about it in terms of an off-line business. Let's have a look at that steps in comparison of starting an online business, as opposed to a traditional brick and mortar business.
If you were looking to open a neighborhood dry cleaning business, would you first check into whether the neighborhood could use another dry cleaner? Of course you would, so the first thing you would probably do is drive around the area and have a look around. If you found that the area was had plenty of dry cleaning businesses, then you could either find another area, chose to start another less competitive business in that same area, or decide that you can succeed in starting a dry cleaning business in this same competitive area.
That is called "Market Research", and the same principles would apply online. In fact once you know what you are looking for, it is a lot easier, faster, and better to do market research about online markets than offline markets. There are many free tools which can be used to perform market research. The most popular of which being Google AdWords. There is a keyword research tool that allows you to perform some pretty extensive market research free of charge. There are also some other paid programs out there that will give you much more detailed information. You can easily find them through Google, or whichever search engine you use. I would definitely start by using the free tools, and free training from someone who has used them.
Step 1: Market Research
In order to start accepting customers and cleaning their clothes, you would first have to have a building to house your dry cleaning business. So once you choose your area, you must then build your building, and name your cleaning business. In this case we'll call the business "ABC Cleaners". The name of your business should easily let people know what you are offering. You would not try to get too cute with the name of your dry cleaning business, so apply the same principles to your website.
(Think about it like this: McDonald's was McDonald's Hamburgers for years until they became so recognized, that it was no longer necessary to tell people what they cooked.)
Step 2: Choose a Domain name for your website.
Let's take a few moments to review some things about step 2. This seems like such an easy thing to do, but I have seen studies that have given hard numbers of as many as 56% people who purchase hosting, give up before ever deciding on a domain name! Best advice is to choose your domain name before purchasing your hosting. Which happens to be step 3. Once you have you business, now you have to pay your landlord.
Step 3: Find a Reliable Hosting Service
Once you have the doors to your dry cleaners open, you have to let the public know that you exist. So that brings us to step 4; advertising. This is where the differences between offline and online marketing start to become harder to duplicate. If you had a dry cleaners, you could put up signs, lights, balloons, and anything else you would need to let the neighborhood know you were open for business. Most of the neighborhood would soon know about you, if only because they had to pass by your location to get in and out of the neighborhood. Online businesses can't make you look at their storefronts. Instead they must advertise to bring in potential customers. Finding the right spots for your ads is the key. If you do not know how this is done, get with someone who will teach you for free. There are some great coaches out there, but you have to find a reliable one, who can be trusted to really show you how to make money online.

Friday, 26 April 2013

How to Get Money Anytime, Anywhere,

With the economy the way it is many men and women are turning to the internet to try and find a way to earn a little extra money. Unfortunately finding the right information isn't as easy as doing a simple Google search anymore. In fact most times people hit so many dead ends they simply give up.
To help you out I've made up a few tips to help you get started making money online. These tips won't make you a fortune, they may make you nothing at all, but this is the single best way to get started online and I wish I knew them before I started out.
1) Have the right mindset.
Having the right mindset is crucial in your journey to get money. So crucial in fact that I'd make this the most important of all three steps. You have to think of making this little extra money as something you must do, something you can't give up on.
If you go into this thinking that if you don't make anything within the first week you'll give up than chances are that's exactly what will happen.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to Get Money Fast on the Internet at Home

Do you need to know how to get money fast on the Internet working from home? In the past, have you been taken in by the adverts claiming to have a new, earth shattering, barely legal, fool proof method for making you insanely rich in just a few weeks?
If you need to find out how to get money fast and are hoping the Internet can provide you with that opportunity, then I do have some good news for you, it can. But you have to be very careful and avoid all the phoney get rich quick schemes.
Let me be frank, there are no genuine get rich quick schemes. Yes, there are schemes that give you the possibility of becoming rich. Yes, there are scheme that will pay you a few dollars reasonably quickly. But there are no genuine schemes that combine both rich and quick.
So here are a couple of suggestions that will provide an answer to how to get money fast using the Internet at home. Please note, I am not endorsing or recommending either scheme:
• Phone chat lines. You work from your own home, choose the hours that suit you, even do the odd hour while ironing. In fact, you don't even need an Internet connection if you just take the phone option. However, this work is aimed squarely at women and you will be talking to lonely men. You can expect some of the conversations to have a high sexual content. In the UK this line of work pays the equivalent of $15 to $25 an hour and some companies pay you every two weeks.

Monday, 22 April 2013

How To Get Money For School Without Government Loans Or Credit Checks

As more and more people go back to school to get more education, they are all looking for how to get money for school, without high interest government loans or annoying credit checks.
With the need for education today, you don't just have students coming from high school going to college, you also have their parents going back to school with them.
This makes finding different ways to how to get school funding, extremely vital.
Over the years, there have been countless new ways pop up, that can either pay for part or all of your schooling.
The problem with these today, is that they are very hard to find unless you are a person, by nature, who thinks outside of the box.
Before I get into one of these let me, let you in on a secret to getting money...
Today, the big scholarships, government free money and grants are all over applied. And unless you have a rich uncle who can donate to an organization, or have a famous last name. You are probably not going to get any of that money.
If you do end up getting some, you will have to make up the rest, over 70% usually, with super high interest loans. That on average, leave a student in debt for over 30yrs plus.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Need Work? How to Get Money, Make a Living, and Get a Good Job

It is hard to maintain a positive attitude about life when you need work and are not able to find a good job. During difficult economic times, it can seem impossible to make a living and to land a good job. How to get money under those circumstances can become a significant source of stress, especially if others are depending on you. However, with a little effort and some resourcefulness, you can survive those times and put yourself back on track to securing a good job and getting back on your feet.
First, you need to figure out what practical skills you have. You may be handy with a hammer, or you may be a great gardener. At the very least, if you are willing to work hard and show up on time, you can be of great help to someone who needs an extra hand.
Second, you need to find the places in your community where people advertise their service needs. Online classified ads, like Craigslist, are generally filled with ads posted by local people who need a specific job done. Local classified ad papers (that often come free in the mail) are another great source. Look through as many local ads as you can find to get a good sense of the kind of work that people request the most in your area. Help with moving, cleaning, painting, and yard work are generally at the top of the list.
Third, determine if your skills are a good fit for the jobs that you find. If so, you are ready to jump in and start responding to ads. If not, consider volunteering for no or low pay with someone who can help sharpen your skills. In the long run, the experience that you gain will make up for the temporary lack of pay.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

How to Get Money to Start a Business When You Have Bad Credit

Know how to get money to start a business when you have bad credit.
Remember, it takes money to make money. Let's start with the commercial side of things.
Estimates suggest formal commercial lending covers about a quarter of the money to start a business. Two ways to utilize credit and bank loans efficiently:
  1. Apply for a debt consolidation loan: A goal for anyone with bad credit would be to take measures that improve your credit standing.
  2. Consider financing equipment, or leasing: Because the lender can take back the equipment, these types of loans are called secured. Personal credit histories are sometimes a lower priority for secured loans. Especially once you have consolidated your debt and made timely payments.
Micro-Credit may be an option if you don't mind the heavy interest. Try these:
  • .americaoneunsecured
  • .microenterpriseworks
Loans and government grants are a great option if you know how to find them. The interest is usually lower for loans, and grants are straight funding with no repayment requirements.
  • .count-me-in is a site targeting female business owners
  • Health-care businesses and technology companies are believed to more easily qualify for grant money.
Social Lending is exactly what the name implies. Be prepared to put your story out in the open for all to see
Look for social lenders with:
  • Business experience, especially in your industry
  • Ability to afford the investment
  • Lack of emotional baggage regarding your business

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How to Get Money by Playing Games - Say Goodbye to Poverty!

Many people participate in games for relaxation and fun. But what about playing games to make money? There is an answer out there somewhere as to how to get money by playing games. Many are the times we tend to view games as a leisure activity. Little do we know that these games can help us to say goodbye to poverty easily. This is because we lack clues on how to get money by playing games.
We all have hobbies and some of them involve famous games. Almost every person in the society is good at least a certain game or two. The internet is one avenue presenting many opportunities for gaming for a fortune. Online casinos are some of the common avenues. We can simply register if we have the taste for gambling or playing bingo games. With good strategies we can consistently play and win jackpots. This can make us a lot of money if we play with caution. This is an opportunity for us to get rich while having fun. What more? The games can be played at the comfort of our homes. Some kind of specialization is required of us if we want to make money from some of the online games that pay. It is imperative to know that most of these games that finance involve a risk, just like any other investment or business.
There are a host of other games that we can explore to make a lot of money from. All of them do not have to be on the internet. Checking our localities can help us understand the opportunities around us. The advantage with games is that you don't have to start with a big fortune to earn more.
Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you. Click the link below to learn HOW you will begin compounding your capital towards your first Million Dollars at the easy corporate money program. ([])\

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Where and How to Get Money Online

Where and how to get money online, that's the question every aspiring internet marketer is asking. There are actually dozens of ways on how this question can be answered depending on who you are, what your skills are, and if you have a product or a service that you want to promote online. The internet is a giant marketplace. There are millions of blogs, websites, forums, and online stores floating within it. So the 'where' is not a problem at all. You just have to go out there and find it. As to the 'how', this is usually where the hard work begins. Finding the right place to try your luck online is just the beginning. You have to find ways on how to actually make money from it.
Let us address the query of 'where you can earn money online'. Below are the most popular places where internet marketers make substantial incomes online:
  • blogs: You have probably heard of professional bloggers earning six-figure incomes from their blogs alone. This is not in any way an overstatement. People are really making money from blogs. Some individuals even quit their day jobs just so they can focus more attention to their blogs.

  • search engines: Well, you cannot directly get money from search engines but they are the means to get you the money you want. A blog or website of yours that ranks well on the search engines will be exposed to a lot of search engine traffic. If things go well, this search traffic can mean buying customers for whatever you are selling in your blog or website.

  • affiliate sites: You can't talk about how to get money online without mentioning affiliate sites because these are without a doubt the best places and platforms where you can maximize your online profit.

  • job boards: Online job boards are the online versions of bulletin job boards or newspaper classified ads. If you are a freelancer like a freelance writer or freelance graphic designer, online job boards are definitely places where you should be hanging out often.

  • forums: Forums are good places to connect with like-minded people and sell them products if the opportunity arises. Furthermore, most forums also have their own job listings.

  • social media sites: Social networking and bookmarking sites are all the rage nowadays. Millions of people log in to these sites everyday. Marketing-wise, social media sites are gold mines. There are numerous apps and programs out there that allow you to make money from these sites.

  • revenue-sharing sites: These are membership websites where you can earn from the content you publish on their sites. Often, whatever revenue your content earns is split between you and the site.
How you are going to use the above platforms is up up to you. What works for someone does not necessarily mean it will work for you as well. For instance, how to get money from affiliate sites involve numerous strategies so it's a matter of choice - which affiliate marketing strategies are suitable for you.

Friday, 12 April 2013

How to Get Money by Playing Games - Making a Lot of Money In The Casino

How to get money by playing games is interesting. You are not required to come with a lot of money. Knowledge of the game that you are playing is important. It ensures that I do not lose a lot of money. Some games are won by mere luck. Books about winning in the casino are available for sale and even online. Good preparation and knowledge on the basics of the game is important. Being vast with details for instance the odds of the game I intend to play is vital to me. I should know when to walk away because losing consecutively will make me lose a lot of my money.
One main venue that comes in mind when I think of how to make money by playing games is a Casino. There are quite a number of games that are found in a casino. This includes poker, blackjack, slot machines, and a wide variety of table games for instance Roulette, Baccarat, and many more. All these are easy to play and only require some mastering. I am always ready to take risks. I could try online Casinos. The experience is the same.
I play games when am I am relaxed and I make sure am enjoying the game. Playing in against casino might make one lose money so I prefer playing against other players. The casino should be legit. Checking on the documentations like licenses avoids being cheated. Before playing against my opponent, I gather information about them to try to discover their weak points.
Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you. Click the link below to learn HOW you will begin compounding your capital towards your first Million Dollars at the easy corporate money program

Monday, 8 April 2013

How to Get Money for Anything Fast When You Are at Absolute Rock Bottom,

Not too long ago I found myself in a situation where I was unable to pay my bills and couldn't even get money out on credit as a hold was put in my credit card. I was so embarrassed as I only needed a small amount of money even just to get by but was unable to withdraw any more money as I had outstanding financial debts. I was in despair and really too embarrassed to ask for a bailout from loved ones.
How had I gotten myself into this mess and most importantly how could I get myself out of it? Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? If so then you know how it feels.
Wandering around the house wondering what I was going to do, I came upon something that would change my financial future. Time has never been my friend but I vowed to lock myself away undisturbed for as long as it took and read, reread and digested the contents of this book I found.
It was hell at times as my mind screamed for a break. I never was one to look inward and up to this point always kept what I would call myself busy but really I know now I was neither productive nor aware I was running from myself. I had to really accept some parts of the teachings even though my mind kept trying to question every part that was so new to me.
It basically showed me how to effectively communicate between my unconscious and conscious mind by communicating in different ways with each part and then finding a language that both parts would understand. It is almost like riding a bicycle where it requires practice but with time the conscious input reduces and the unconscious takes over so you can do it on autopilot. This really was a whole new way of thinking, believing and acting and I found it alien and slow at first to implement.
Summary of Method
  • Define your financial goal in crystal clear terms taking in all your senses, what does it feel like, look like, what success smells like, etc, you should find yourself becoming exciting as it will feel so real to you-when done right!

  • Now set this visualisation as a priority so you are unconsciously conscious of it at all times while still doing normal everyday tasks, i.e. it will be prioritised by your unconscious so that "behind the scenes" work will be going on to get you what you want.

  • Finally resolve any issues which have prevented you from achieving this desire in the past and which would continue to be a stumbling block to future financial successes.
I still practice what I learned and have set even bigger financial goals for myself now which I am working towards. I found the lessons about how to get money fast could be applied to other areas of my life that needed improvement and I was able to help out my friends with their problems also. For example, a friend was in despair. She was in dire straits and really needed to rent out her house.
Using a very simple technique I learned, I was able to show her exactly what she needed to do to generate not only interest in her house but also to bring the right type of client her way. Every night for a week she practiced what I showed her and the following week she phoned me delighted to say she had found model tenants who were willing to move in immediately.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

How to Get Money and Become the Money Maker You Desire

If not everyday, I'm sure every couple of days you find yourself thinking about how to get money.
At this point, you start to think about various things that you can do to get that money.
However, most of the times all those things, involve work.
This is when you start to make excuses on why not you and why can't you and then start feeling miserable and then consciously you have an epiphany that maybe you aren't really born to be a money maker.
"Woe is me!"
Okay that's enough feeling sorry for yourself and more than enough with the excuse making.
It's your time!
Out of all the money maker or money making opportunities that I have tried over the years, my niche has become opportunities that give me the flexibility to make money working from home. There are endless benefits of working from home. This means that you set your own hours and you do as much or as little work as you want.
Unfortunately for many these benefits can be the very things to keep a person from actually making money working from home.
Most people need a more formal structured schedule and don't have the discipline to do the activities that produce income without it.
So much for getting lucky you are no longer the minority.
You have to realize that you aren't the only one who is trying to learn about how to get money or make it by working from home.
There are thousands of us, if not millions who are looking for work from home opportunities and with the power of the internet thousands of opportunities popup and close daily.
Now of days it seems like true money makers are doing all sort of things to make that money.
I mean I have seen a little of everything online.
It is time for you to have a "real talk" moment with YOU!
Are you trying hard enough and are you focused on one venture and one venture only at one time?
"Being a Money Maker is a mindset."
Well that's only part of it.
Being a money maker also takes action you can't simply think your way successful without implementation and application.
You have to commit yourself that you are going to do what it takes to bring in the money that you need to maintain or increase your lifestyle.
A lot of people are quite skeptical about making money by working from home and in some cases with reason. But the most common reason why those who are skeptical are skeptical simply because of something they heard.
Unfortunately more people have failed in creating income working from home than those who have had the success they desire.
Most of those people either get too overwhelmed by the idea itself, or have tried making money by working from home and have failed miserably.
Why do most of the people who want to make money by working from home, fail? I have met a few of those people.
I remember that just after having a 5 minute conversation with them, I realized that they were not failing because of ability.
Quite frequently it has been just a "will issue".
They Will not dedicate themselves to doing the work that pays them consistently enough to produce the desired results.
Working from home does not mean that you don't have to work.
Although, it gives you the freedom and there is no one who's looking over your shoulder and forcing you to work, but you still have to work.
A few years back, I was in your place and I also spent days wondering about how to get money working from home or online. Much like you I have joined and paid for various money maker opportunities and I have failed at it too. However, it didn't take me long to realize that working from home doesn't mean getting checks in your mail for lying on your couch all day.
It doesn't matter how skilled you are at doing it lol.
The idea of making money by working from home does work. If you do the work.
So, I would suggest that if you are wondering about how to get money, stop wondering and start working.
You must choose a online money maker program that has proved its worth and commit yourself to it. I also recommend that you find a coach or mentor who is a proven success, Ethical and one who lives a life of integrity. Don't Quit and It won't be long before you actually start to make the money that you have been longing for forever.

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How to Get Money Easy - Online Sales Can Make You Rich If You Find the Right Product

How many times have you tried to find a product that will appeal to potential customers? How many times have you failed? If you want to know how to get money easy, the key is to finding the right product, you need something that customers want or something that they need.
Sometimes the best product to choose is not going to be something that the customer needs, because that might be too boring. Sometimes, the best product is going to be something totally ridiculous or off the wall. However, if possible it is best to incorporate a special talent or a special knowledge that you have into your product.
Can you paint? Can you paint pictures of animals? Okay then, you are on your way. You have just found out how to get money easy! Now all you need to do is to get some paint supplies and some rocks. Yes, rocks! Polished river rocks are great if you are going to sell 'pocket rocks' because they are already pretty. Now pre-treat the rock and start painting, put pictures of common pets on the rocks. Customers can carry their 'pocket rock' with them and you just learned how to get money easy.
Be sure to include birds, and hamsters, lizards and snakes and horses in your inventory, after all dogs and cats are not the only pets in the world. Now, either set up your website or go to an online auction and present your product. When you think about how to get money easy, this has to be at the top of the list.
If you need money now, like I mean in the next hour, try what I did. I am making more money now than in my old business and you can too, read the amazing, true story, in the link below. When I joined I was skeptical for just ten seconds before I realized what this was. I was smiling from ear to ear and you will too.
Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you. Click the link below to learn HOW you will begin compounding your capital towards your first Million Dollars at the easy corporate money program.

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How to Get Money by Playing Games - People Who Should Not Be Involved

Not everyone is supposed to be involved in how to get money by playing games. Some people think that it is the best way of idling around and yet generate an income. I think these people are lazy in nature and thus they take hold of any available avenue to pass time while they have fun. These are the people always in the casinos all the time.
People with families or responsibilities should not even think about how to get money by playing games. There are people with commitments and instead of risking their money in places, they can lose; they should plan wisely on what they have. This is especially if they are low-income earners. They could even go bankrupt. Some spouses discourage playing games to make money. In cases of serious loses this can ruin a marriage. There are people who neglect everything else making it a waste of time. Beginners should not get involved in how to get money by playing games. They can be tricked or robbed easily. They should first get conversant with the games. There are those that are looking for 'get rich quick scheme'. This should not be a mentality when playing games.
Although I love playing games for money, not everyone can do it, especially the teenagers who can indulge in the games to much and lose focus on their studies and other important things in their lives. In addition to that, they will become too addicted and will not do what they are supposed to do at their age. They could start stealing from their parents to cater for their daily demands. Games to make money are not for everyone, but those who are disciplined
Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you. Click the link below to learn HOW you will begin compounding your capital towards your first Million Dollars at the easy corporate money program.

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How to Make Money in GTA 5

Cash is scarce in the first few hours of GTA 5, and this page describes How to Make Money in GTA 5, including perfectly innocent ways, and straight up cheats. if you need a extra few dollars to afford that shiny Grenade Launcher or Super Heavy Armor, read on
Looking to build up your bankroll in GTA Online? Read our Making Money in GTA Online page and you'll soon be swimming in a sea of luxury and decadence. 

Hidden Package Exploit

Scattered around the map (mostly offshore / underwater) there are hidden packages containing anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000. If you pick one up then immediately switch to a different character and then switch back again, the package will have reappeared (as well as your health and oxygen supplies). You can repeat this over and over again, but the package will dissappear forever if you collect it and leave the area. 
(Fixed as of Update patch 1.01, you can no longer repeatedly pick up the packages. Once collected, they are permanently gone. If you wish to use the exploit, delete the update patch from your console and disable automatic updating or disconnect from the net. Do the exploit as much as you can while the system is offline and the game is version 1.0. Keep in mind deleting updates could cause incompatibility issues with your save games and possible corruption, use at own risk.  IE make sure you backup your saves or have more than one file at same progress before attempting.)

Armored Car Exploit

A user had reported that if an armored car can be taken by Michael without firing a shot, and if subsequently the police are quickly evaded, it may be possible to create an endless cash loop. Park the armored car in your garage and save the game. Then blow the doors off, leaving the car in the garage. Loot the car, then return later. The car will still be there, repaired and restocked with cash.


Assassination_Investor details the steps required for developing your finances beyond the Billion dollar mark

Investing in Stocks

The old trick of buying low and selling high still applies to GTAV. Keep an eye on the news as well to see which stocks are doing good or bad.
To make a quick return, save your game and then shut off auto save. Invest all of your money into a stock that you think is on the rise. Go to your safehouse and rest without saving (or wait roughly 45 seconds) and check your portfolio to see your profit. Keep checking the stock until it peaks out and then sell. The more money you invest, the better the return, and if the stock does poorly, just load up your previous save and you will have all the money you invested without any reprecussions. 
Note that Franklins Assassination missions are a fool-proof way to invest wisely and make some serious cash, so wait until you finish the story mode before you complete them so you can invest the most money with all three characters. 

When to invest in AirEmu and FlyUS

Before you complete the Mission Legal Trouble, invest in AirEmu and sell it after the mission legal trouble then invest in the share FlyUS because it will fall dramatically. Once you complete the mission Meltdown (a few missions later) the share price will return to what it was pre Legal Trouble. An example from my game, pre Legal Trouble the share price for AirEmu was about $200, FlyUS was around $250. Post Legal Trouble AirEmu went up to about $275 and FlyUS dropped to $120. Once the mission Meltdown was completed, FlyUS went back to around $240 which doubled my investment.

Lurk near the ATM

For fast cash, stake out an ATM with bare fists or a Suppressed Weapon. People who have just visited an ATM generally have a bit of cash in their pockets.
Grease them and escape before the cops arrive.

Small Time Shenanigans for Big Bucks

Money is very hard to come by in the first few hours of GTA 5. When you need money quick, consider one of GTA 5’s nineteen Robberies.
Convenience stores and corner markets are prime, soft targets for a stick up. Walk in, aim a gun at the cashier, shoot around him to impress him and make him faster, grab the money, and escape before the cops arrive.
Stake out a few favorite stores and look for handy hiding places nearby. Park your Vehicle facing toward the street just outside the store. Grab the cash, hop into your ride, and scoot away to your alcove. By rotating between a few familiar stores you can pick up a decent bankroll.
Some stores have two registers. By firing your gun into the second register you can force more money to pop out. Be sure to wait until you’ve got all the money from the first register before shooting to avoid alerting bystanders with the sound of the gunshot.
You can also rob gun and clothing stores by pulling out your gun and aiming it before entering the stores. Although the store's employee won't empty the cash registers for you, simply shooting them open yourself will provide you with the money inside.
Caution when robbing the same store multiple times as the clerk may get a gun, and is not afraid to use it.

Saving is Earning

Avoid the temptation to purchase Vehicles and Weapons you don’t need in the early sections of GTA 5. The ability to fill your newly-purchased economy-sized garage with custom rides is enticing, but every dollar you spare hijacking a sedan is a buck you’ll have available to buy things you really need.
Steal a couple of choice cars and store them in your home garage, and rely on theft for reliable transportation. Likewise, select four main Weapons, (short range, long range, sniper, heavy), that you favor, and stick with these until you complete your first Heist. And always prioritize weapon purchases over Vehicles. Weapons are far more scarce.

Complete The Jewel Store Job and Other Heists

There’s real money in the first Heist, enough to give you a hefty Stock Market bankroll. Use our Walkthrough to complete the Heist seamlessly, and remember that the most valuable Jewels are hidden in the center cabinets in the island near the register.
Be sure to hire the best available Crew on any Heist. They end up saving more than you spend on most occasions.
Even after you've completed the jewelry store heist, there's several more heists available through the story missions, most of which provide you with a greater reward than the first heist.

Rob an Armored Truck

In the beginning hours of the game, one of the easiest ways to make money is to rob an armored vehicle. They appear randomly as blips on the minimap while you are driving around. Take out the drivers, then blow the back doors open with a gun or C4. Collect the money, which is often worth over $5000, then escape the cops.
You might even be lucky enough to catch the security guards bringing the money to the armored truck beforehand, in which case the job is that much easier. Take out the guard carrying the cash, take the money, and run.

Random event: Investment Banker

There's chance for Michael to meet an investment banker in the afternoon (noon - evening) on the road from Pacific Bluffs to Chumash. He is standing beside his broken car on the roadside and asks to take him to the airport. You have exactly two minutes to do that, and if you do, banker gives you investment tip – buy Tinkle (TNK) shares on BAWSAQ. If you do that right away, you can expect 30% profit the very next day.

Money Saving Tips and Cheats

  • Ammu-Nation Discount: If players complete all Gun Range challenges, they will receive a 15% discount at all Ammu-Nation stores. Getting Gold for all challenges gives the player a 25% discount.
  • Free Weapon Upgrades: During a mission, visit an Ammu-Nation and purchase a weapon and all upgrades. Kill yourself after and the mission will fail. This will give you all your money back, however if you visit the Ammu-Nation again, the upgrades on the weapon will still be marked as purchased. At the mission fail screen press 'retry' (A, X), do not press 'exit' (B, O) or you will not get your money back.
  • Free Vehicle Repairs: If you want to get out of fixing your vehicle, simply save your game and reload it. The vehicle will spawn back into the world fully repaired.

What Links Here

Earn Easy GTA 5 Bucks | How to Make Money in GTA Online | Time | Making Money in GTA 5

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How to Make Money

The secret to making money isn't working at a high-paying job, it’s finding creative solutions to people’s problems, and it doesn't take a fancy degree to do that. To get your creative juices flowing, check out these common and not-so-common ways of lining your pockets. Below that, you’ll also find more general financial advice as well as some money-making ideas for kids.

Method 1 of 3: Money Makers

Flip a Product

  1. 58095 1 1.jpg
    Buy underpriced used books. Outfit a phone or PDA (personal data assistant) with a scanner, scan the ISBN numbers of books at used bookstores and thrift shops, and compare the asking prices with what the books are selling for on a site like Amazon. Whenever you get a good hit (which won’t be often but, since the process is fast, won’t take long, either), buy the book and resell it online. Be discreet about this, as the store managers probably won’t like what you’re doing.
  2. 58095 2 1.jpg
    Bargain-hunt at yard and thrift sales. If you have a bit of knowledge in a particular area (ex. Taxco Mexican silver, action figures, classic National Geographics) or even just a good eye for quality, visit private sales early and often to find unexpected deals.
  3. 58095 3.jpg
    Go to police auctions. You can find incredible deals here, and though may not be able to resell a car that was involved in a serious crime, you can probably find some spectacularly cheap jewelry that someone else would be happy to buy off you.
  4. 58095 4 1.jpg
    Refinish ratty furniture. If you have lacquer thinner, sandpaper, stain, and some craft sense, you can buy worn-out furniture and fix it up for a great resale price.
  5. 58095 5 1.jpg
    Rescue battered wood. Pallets and pallet stock are cheap (or free) and easy to come by. Look for untreated specimens at construction sites, community colleges, buildings under renovation, or shipping warehouses and plane them down and/or kiln-dry them in a homemade kiln-dryer to uncover their hidden beauty. You can then resell the wood as is or even turn it into beautiful furniture. (Be sure to advertise that the wood is “reclaimed,” as people are often willing to pay much more for this.)
  6. 58095 6.jpg
    Flip houses or apartments. If you are a handy(wo)man with great design sense, a knowledge of what’s valuable in the construction of a home, and assets you’re willing to play with, consider buying, fixing up, and reselling real estate. This requires quite a bit of up-front cash and elbow grease, but the payoff can be big.

Participate in Studies

  1. 58095 7.jpg
    Sign up with focus groups in your area. Studies that you are eligible to participate in pop up sporadically but pay quite well – often more than $50 for an hour of your time. You can also look for focus groups online but will have to sort through a lot of bogus “opportunities” and sites that ask you to pay up-front for the privilege of participating before you find anything worthwhile.
  2. 58095 8 1.jpg
    Participate in medical studies. If just the thought of this frightens you, know that the intensity of such studies varies greatly. Some studies ask participants (particularly those with medical conditions) to test treatments or medications that can have adverse side effects, but others ask participants to perform physical tasks with no lasting effects. If you are able-bodied and paranoid about keeping it that way, you can even participate as a control in a study at a nearby medical research facility or medical school.

Find an Artistic Outlet

  1. 58095 9 1.jpg
    Sell photos. If you have a decent camera and a good sense of light, color, and composition, you can take and sell stock photos – i.e. nondescript images that lend themselves to many applications and are commonly used to illustrate online articles or products – with minimal effort. Stock photos of locations (a fire hydrant, a bare wall near an interesting tree, or anything you might find as a default background image on your computer) are easier to take, but stock photos of people (i.e. people arguing, people kissing, people laughing) usually sell for more, as they have more uses and require the written legal consent of your subjects. Hunt for a reputable stock photo dealer or database that will pay you fairly before signing on with anyone.
  2. 58095 10.jpg
    Design web images. By pairing good aesthetic sense and the use of design or photo-editing software, you can make and sell background graphics for social media pages, web logos, or computer icon packages. If you know or are willing to learn computer programming, seriously consider making web pages; programmers may be easy to come by, but programmers with an eye for beauty are another thing altogether.
  3. 58095 11 1.jpg
    Make and sell crafts. If you are even a little bit crafty, consider selling your goods on a site like Etsy. Though you can make more money on intricate projects (ex. an exquisitely woodburned gourd), even labor-light projects can bring in good money if you’re willing to produce them in high quantities. Who knows – if you do well, you might even be inspired to start a crafts business.

Participate in Marketing Research

  1. 58095 12.jpg
    Become a mystery shopper. This means doing business with various establishments and rating their products and services without their knowledge. It may sound like cake, but remember that it requires discreteness, a good memory for detail (ex. the name of every individual who helped or served you), and enough cash for you to be able to pay for your shopping experience up-front and then wait to be reimbursed pending the approval of your review.
  2. 58095 13 1.jpg
    Write product reviews. Many companies will pay a lot more than two cents for your two cents. Product reviews are a great way to get paid for being opinionated that doesn’t require the writing background that many other writing jobs do.
  3. 58095 14.jpg
    Complete online surveys. Though tedious, online surveys are often quick and painless and, for a few bucks at a time, can add up quickly. Read How to Make Money with Free Online Surveys for more details.

Pursue a Passion

  1. 58095 15 1.jpg
    Start a website or blog. Sure, competition in the online world is steep, but one thing that makes a good site or blog stand apart is the dedication and enthusiasm of its writer. Plenty of sites focus too hard on SEO and keywords, and while SEO-optimization is certainly necessary to help your content make money, delving into something that truly matters to you will set you apart from your fluff-and-stuff competitors.
  2. 58095 16.jpg
    Start a small business. Being passionate usually translates to a superior product and better service, which is especially sought after in the age of the anonymous, 1-minute online review. Worried that there isn’t a market for your interests? The fact is that though you may not personally know many people who want what you have to offer, thanks to the internet, there’s a huge market for niche-products (pigeon diapers, chainmail wedding dresses, you name it)… and you might just end up being a trend-setter. To create an online store, you can either make your own website or, if don’t want to self-host, you can sell on eBay or a similar site.
    • Copywriting. Bloggers and business owners are out there looking for freelance writers to help them with their internet marketing campaigns. If you can write a good video marketing script, sales copy, press release, product reviews, website content and advertising copy, you can make money doing exactly that. You may need basic SEO skills since most of these copywriting jobs require some knowledge on how search engines work. These people are looking for traffic, and they will only hire you if you can deliver that.[1]

Do Odd Jobs

  1. 58095 17 1.jpg
    Watch and/or walk your neighbors’ pets. Taking a few pooches to the park every week is a good way to have fun, get some exercise, and meet new people, all while making a little cash on the side.
  2. 58095 18.jpg
    Landscape. Look for brush-clearing, mowing, or woodcutting jobs, some of which may land you regular customers. This can save you money at the same time: if you are hired to pick up pine needles, use them to mulch your roses, which will appreciate their acidity and smothering effect on weeds; if you are hired to cut and clear a fallen tree, use it to heat your house that winter.
  3. 58095 19 1.jpg
    Run errands for the elderly. Contact your local community center or church to get in touch with people who need help getting groceries, cleaning their gutters, or getting to the post office. You might cultivate some lovely friendships at the same time.
  4. 58095 20.jpg
    Find odd jobs online. Check out Craigslist, Fiverr, or Zaarly for interesting or unusual gigs that come up.

Use Money-Making Apps

  1. 58095 21.jpg
    GigWalk: This iPhone app allows you to team up with companies posting gigs and get small jobs done for cash. These can be anything from mystery-shopping to making deliveries to testing apps to taking photos. Simply install the app, make a profile, and start looking for gigs in your area.
  2. 58095 22 1.jpg
    WeReward: This iPhone and Android app allows you to complete small tasks (ex. taking a photo of yourself with your favorite beverage or eating at a new establishment) for points that translate to cash. Though the per-task reward is small, there are millions of participating businesses and the points can add up quickly. The location-based rewards are best if you already have an active lifestyle and won’t have to force yourself to starting eating/drinking out all the time.
  3. 58095 23.jpg
    CheckPoints: This iPhone and Android app allows you to go to stores and scan items for points, which you can then use to redeem prizes. This is a handy way to make a little extra while you do your shopping, but note that the rewards are either actual products or gift certificates – no actual cash.

Sell Things You Find Outside

  1. 58095 24.jpg
    If you have a manzanita thicket: trim and dry the branches and sell them online. Believe it or not, people love using them for crafts projects. In fact, many of the things you don’t even look twice at have to be ordered online by people living in cities don’t have access to them.
  2. 58095 25.jpg
    If you have a curly willow tree: trim, dry, and sell the twisting branches online to craftspeople or to a local florist, as they are commonly used as accent pieces in bouquets.
  3. 58095 26 1.jpg
    If you have a pine tree: sell the pinecones that flood your yard every fall. Extra long or large ones make beautiful holiday decorations, especially with a simple twist of ribbon.
  4. 58095 27 1.jpg
    If you live by the beach: sell driftwood, which can be used for crafts or, if the pieces are large and dense, as decorations in marine aquariums.
  5. 58095 28.jpg
    If you have a pond: pick and dry the cattails before the downy seeds begin shedding and sell them as decorations for bouquets (or even bunched together as stand-alone bouquets). You can also divvy up and sell bits of your water lily, water hyacinth, fairy moss, or any other plant that’s doing its best to overtake your pond anyway.
  6. 58095 29.jpg
    If you have a tree drowning in mistletoe: cut the mistletoe down, turn it into festive, ribbon-wrapped bunches, and sell it around the holidays.
  7. 58095 30 1.jpg
    If you are selling something that you know or can verify hasn’t been treated: you can even advertise it as being organic, which might heighten interest and allow you to increase the price.
  8. 58095 31 1.jpg
    If you don’t have access to any of these items: get paid to collect them from other people. Plenty of people would happily hire someone to cut back their Manzanita forest or wade into a pond and break apart their water-lily thicket, meaning you can make money from both gathering and selling your product.

Make Money Passively

  1. 58095 32 1.jpg
    Become a moving advertisement. “Wrap” your car in an advertisement, go about your usual commute, and get paid monthly to do it. (Some car-wrappers in San Francisco make as much as $400 a month doing this,[2] but of course this varies depending on how big a city you live in and when / how often you make your commute.) You can also get paid to wear a company’s logo t-shirt around (particularly if you wear it someplace conspicuous, like at your school; see as one example).
  2. 58095 33 1.jpg
    Rent out a space. If you have a spare room, an unused parking spot or driveway in a busy part of town, or even an empty lot that you wouldn’t mind seeing transformed into an urban garden, rent it out and enjoy an extra monthly paycheck.
  3. 58095 34.jpg
    Try affiliate marketing. This means promoting someone else’s products or services for pay without actually carrying an inventory. There are many ways of incorporating affiliate marketing into your website/blog/page including banner ads (which are generally ineffective, as people tend to avoid these), linked articles (which are quite successful when the article content is thoughtful and doesn’t appear spammy), and product-placement videos (which can be very successful when done by people with charisma or a good sense of humor). You can even become an affiliate marketer without a website. Basic ways of making money through of affiliate marketing include:
    • Cost-per-click: you get paid a very small amount every time someone clicks from your content onto the advertiser’s site; good for high-traffic content
    • Cost-per-lead: you get paid a bit more every time someone signs up or fills a form with the advertiser thanks to your content
    • Cost-per-acquisition: you get paid a (fixed or percent) commission every time someone makes a purchase with the advertiser because of your content; good for focused, high-quality content

Make Money Quickly

  1. 58095 35 1.jpg
    Sell CDs and/or DVDs. Back up your collection on a computer or external hard drive, then sell the original discs. You’ll make quick cash and save space at the same time. If you have prized collections (boxed sets, limited-release editions, etc.), sell these individually for what they’re worth; otherwise, sell your discs very reasonably (remember, your potential buyers can also get the exact songs they want instantly by downloading them for buck or less apiece). Even for a mere $4 each, a sizeable collection of CDs can haul in a tidy – sum.
  2. 58095 36 1.jpg
    Sell hair, plasma, or other body parts/fluids. Long, healthy, untreated hair can be sold for a variety of purposes (including high-end wig- and extension-making) and earn you anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on color, health, and length. Plasma can be “donated” (for compensation) provided that you are old, healthy, and heavy enough to qualify. Sperm can be donated, but you usually have to know (and be able to document) a fair amount of information about your parents as well as your medical history to be eligible. But be wary; for example, donating eggs is often touted as a fast, high-profit medical procedure, but the process is actually requires that the participant undergo hormonal and medical treatment, receive regular checkups and ultrasounds, and abstain from sex and intoxicants, all of which take weeks or even months before the eggs are even eligible for removal. The removal process itself is invasive and lasts about 30 minutes.[3] Consider your options very carefully before taking on anything like this.
  3. 3
    Read How to Make Money Fast for more ideas.

Method 2 of 3: Financial Wisdom to Live By

  1. 58095 38.jpg
    Use the law of supply and demand to your advantage. Most of us are familiar with the law of supply and demand--the more there is of something, the cheaper it is; conversely, the rarer the product or service, the more expensive it is. However, other than when we get to a toy store before sunrise to get on line for the latest fad toy that kids can't get enough of, we don't really apply the law of supply and demand to our own lives--particularly our careers. For example, if you're aspiring to do something that many, many other people want to do (so much so that they do it for free, as a hobby) then it will be far more challenging for you to make money doing it. On the other hand, if you do something that most people don't want to do, or if you get very good at doing something most people don't do all that well, then you can make a whole lot more money. In other words, choose a career in pharmacy over photography.
  2. 58095 39 1.jpg
    If your career path is going nowhere, resign gracefully and switch careers. Research occupations to find out how much they pay and what their future outlook is (in the U.S., you can find this information in the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook). Find an occupation that pays well, and invest in the education and/or training to get you that job. Look for employers that offer competitive salaries and ample opportunity for advancement.
  3. 58095 40.jpg
    If your goal is to make enough money to retire early, prioritize earning potential over job satisfaction, since you plan on getting out of the rat race early, anyway. Consider the types of jobs that pay extraordinarily well in exchange for hard work, little psychological satisfaction, and a punishing lifestyle, such as investment banking, sales, and engineering. If you can keep your expenses low and do this for about 10 years, you can save a nest egg for a modest but youthful retirement, or to supplement your income while you do something you really love doing but doesn't pay much. But keep in mind that delayed gratification requires clear goal-setting and strong willpower.
  4. 58095 41 1.jpg
    Recognize that time is money. This critical piece of advice is attributed to Benjamin Franklin, who was an accomplished American inventor, journalist, printer, diplomat, and statesman--the ultimate multitasker. Your ability to manage your time (and stop procrastinating) is a critical ingredient in your ability to make money. Whether you have a job or are self-employed, keep track of what you're spending your time on. Ask yourself "Which of these activities make the most money, and which of them are a waste of time?" Do more of the former and less of the latter, simple as that. When you're focusing on high-priority tasks, get the job done well, and get the job done fast. By working efficiently, you're giving your employer or clients more time, and they'll appreciate you for it. Remember that time is a limited resource that you're always investing. Will your investments pay off?
  5. 58095 42.jpg
    Jack up your prices. If you're providing a skill, service or product that is in high demand and low supply, and you're making the most of your time, you should be making good money. Unfortunately, there are many people who are too humble or fearful to demand that they get paid accordingly. It's the pushovers in life who get taken advantage of and exploited, so if you think you might be one of them, learn how to stop being a people pleaser. If you work for someone else, ask for a pay raise or get a promotion, and if none of that pans out, revisit your career options as described previously. If you're self-employed, the first thing to do is to make sure your customers and clients pay up on time--this alone can substantially improve your income. Check your prices and rates against those of your competitors--are you undercutting them? Why? If you're providing a superior product or service, you should be getting at least the average, unless your profitability depends on mass production, in which case you're probably making a lot of money and wouldn't be reading this article anyway!
  6. 58095 43 1.jpg
    Be proactive. Remember Murphy's Law: "Whatever can go wrong will go wrong." Make plans, complete with as many calculations as possible, then anticipate everything that can go wrong. Then make contingency or backup plans for each scenario. Don't leave anything to luck. If you're writing a business plan, for example, do your best to estimate when you'll break even, then multiply that time frame by three to get a more realistic date; and after you've identified all the costs, add 20% to that for costs that will come up that you didn't anticipate. Your best defense against Murphy's law is to assume the worst, and brace yourself. An appropriate amount of insurance may be something worth considering. Don't forget the advice of Louis Pasteur, a French chemist who made several incredible breakthroughs in the causes and prevention of disease: "Luck favors the prepared mind."
  7. 58095 44.jpg
    Redefine wealth. In studies of millionaires, people are surprised to learn that most millionaires aren't doctors, lawyers, and corporate leaders with big houses and fancy cars; they're people who religiously live below their means and invest the surplus into assets, rather than liabilities.[4] As you're taking the above steps to make more money, keep in mind that increased income does not necessarily equal increased wealth. Most people who flaunt their wealth actually have a low net worth because their debt to asset ratio is high--in other words, they owe a whole lot more money than they actually have. All of the previous steps have outlined aggressive strategies for making money, but you'll never get anywhere if you have a hole in your pocket.
  8. 58095 45 1.jpg
    They say that a penny saved is a penny earned. Actually, when you consider that you pay taxes on every penny you earn, you really do make more money by saving than by increasing your income, especially if the extra income will increase your tax rate dramatically. For example, let's say you have a choice between saving $100 or earning an extra $100. If you pay 15% taxes, then when you earn an $100, you only get $85. But when you save $100 off of your existing budget, you keep it all. To sweeten the deal further, if you take advantage of compound interest as found in most savings accounts, over time you'll start making money on the amount saved plus previous interest paid on that amount saved. It'll be pennies at first, but eventually the amount will multiply exponentially.
  9. 58095 46.jpg
    Take advantage of tax laws if you're self-employed. Money saved on taxes is still money saved. You may be able to deduct many of your business expenses (use of your home, use of your car, office supplies, etc.) if you keep good records. You may also qualify for tax breaks, such as deducting your health insurance premiums on your tax return. These laws are in place to encourage commerce and business growth, so don't neglect their benefits especially if you want to make money.
  10. 58095 47.jpg
    If you're not self-employed and work for a company, find out if they have a retirement plan. If you're lucky, employers will sometimes match contributions you make into a retirement fund. Retirement plans also often have the benefit of being tax-deferred. The longer you get to keep your money (and make interest on it) the better. It's never too early to start planning for retirement.
  11. 58095 48 1.jpg
    Know the difference between an asset and a liability. The dividing line is whether it puts money in your pocket, or takes it out.[5] As much as you love your home, for instance, it is a liability rather than an asset because you put more money into it than you get out of it (unless you're flipping it or renting it out). Whatever money you save, invest it in assets such as stocks, mutual funds, patents, copyrighted works--anything that generates interest or royalties. Eventually, you might get to the point where your assets are doing the work for you, and all you have to do is sit there and make money!
  12. 58095 49.jpg
    Watch out for inflation chipping away at your assets. We've all heard an elderly person describe the purchasing power of a coin in their day. Inflation continues to make today's money worth less in the future. To win the race against time and inflation, learn to invest your money in the right places. A savings account might help you to keep up with inflation; however, to stay ahead of the game you'll want to invest in bonds, stocks, or some other investment that returns above the average rate of inflation (currently 3%-4%).

Method 3 of 3: Make Money as a Kid

  1. 58095 50 1.jpg
    Ask your parents if they'll pay you for doing more chores. You're probably already expected to do chores around the house and help out your family for free. If you need a little extra pocket change, however, ask your parents if there's something else you can do for a small fee. For instance, maybe your mom really hates folding laundry and would be willing to pay $5 a week for you to do it instead. Whatever it is, let your parents know you're willing to take on more work for a bit of allowance.
  2. 58095 51.jpg
    Make sure you're able to do whatever you agree to do. If you know your parents like a chore done a certain way, don't cut corners - do it well, and they may even agree to give you a raise in the future!
  3. 58095 52.jpg
    Run a lemonade stand, or something similar. During hot summer months in the US, many kids run lemonade or cold beverage stands on the sidewalks in front of their houses. Here are a few tips to get you started:
  4. 58095 53.jpg
    Offer something that's appropriate for the weather. Cold drinks or popsicles will sell better on a hot day than on a rainy day. If it's too cold or miserable outside to do much business, hold off and wait for a better day.
  5. 58095 54 1.jpg
    Keep your costs down. In order to turn a profit on what you're selling, choose to sell an item that's inexpensive to make. Lemonade is a classic because all of its ingredients (water, sugar, lemons or lemon juice concentrate, and ice) are fairly cheap and easy to obtain. Popsicles are another favorite because they can be bought in large quantities from the store!
  6. 58095 55.jpg
    Set up on public property. You can set up your stand on a sidewalk, public park, or other area that is not owned by a private person. Doing this can help you avoid accusations of trespassing. Be aware, though, that some larger metropolitan parks might require you to get a permit to sell there.
  7. 58095 56.jpg
    Advertise your price. Get a large piece of paper, cardboard or poster paper, and write what you're selling and how much one serving costs. For instance, you might write "LEMONADE, 25 CENTS". Set a fair price point, and make it something you'd be willing to pay yourself; if you're not sure what's fair, ask your parents or another trustworthy adult.
  8. 58095 57 1.jpg
    Have somewhere secure to keep your money. Find a lockbox, coin purse, wallet, or envelope to keep your earnings safe and collected.
  9. 58095 58.jpg
    Do odd jobs around your neighborhood. Mowing lawns, babysitting, raking leaves, snow shoveling, washing cars, and bathing pets are all examples of services that many people are willing to pay someone else to do. If you can do some of these things and you have some spare time, knock on the doors of family members or neighbors you know well, and offer your services.
  10. 58095 59.jpg
    Only work for people you know or your parents know well; never work for strangers.
  11. 58095 60 1.jpg
    Be trustworthy. People like to know that whoever's working around their home or with their children can be trusted, and they might even be willing to pay extra for that peace of mind. Be fair and honest in all your dealings, and never steal; these qualities will pay off later.
  12. 58095 61.jpg
    Be willing to negotiate. You might have two neighbors who want their sidewalks shoveled, but one might be willing to pay $5 per week while another will pay only $3. If the neighbor who's paying you less is elderly, living on a fixed income, disabled or otherwise strapped for cash, consider accepting the lower price in order to build your clientele. Remember, that person who pays you less might later recommend your services to someone else willing to pay more.