Monday, 22 April 2013

How To Get Money For School Without Government Loans Or Credit Checks

As more and more people go back to school to get more education, they are all looking for how to get money for school, without high interest government loans or annoying credit checks.
With the need for education today, you don't just have students coming from high school going to college, you also have their parents going back to school with them.
This makes finding different ways to how to get school funding, extremely vital.
Over the years, there have been countless new ways pop up, that can either pay for part or all of your schooling.
The problem with these today, is that they are very hard to find unless you are a person, by nature, who thinks outside of the box.
Before I get into one of these let me, let you in on a secret to getting money...
Today, the big scholarships, government free money and grants are all over applied. And unless you have a rich uncle who can donate to an organization, or have a famous last name. You are probably not going to get any of that money.
If you do end up getting some, you will have to make up the rest, over 70% usually, with super high interest loans. That on average, leave a student in debt for over 30yrs plus.

Alright, now that we have that out of the way. Lets talk about a very little known way to get money for school.
Most students, and parents going back to school don't realize how much money small and mid sized businesses give away in scholarships.
They do it in 2 ways...
The first way, is by advertising a scholarships to students who are looking to work in the field, that the business specializes in.
The second way, is through contests and giveaways to students who fill out surveys for them. This information helps them move their businesses forward. So its a win win.
Its literally so easy to get school funding from these businesses, that I have seen thousands of students pay for 5yrs of college and some. By just thinking outside of the box.

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