Monday, 8 April 2013

How to Get Money for Anything Fast When You Are at Absolute Rock Bottom,

Not too long ago I found myself in a situation where I was unable to pay my bills and couldn't even get money out on credit as a hold was put in my credit card. I was so embarrassed as I only needed a small amount of money even just to get by but was unable to withdraw any more money as I had outstanding financial debts. I was in despair and really too embarrassed to ask for a bailout from loved ones.
How had I gotten myself into this mess and most importantly how could I get myself out of it? Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? If so then you know how it feels.
Wandering around the house wondering what I was going to do, I came upon something that would change my financial future. Time has never been my friend but I vowed to lock myself away undisturbed for as long as it took and read, reread and digested the contents of this book I found.
It was hell at times as my mind screamed for a break. I never was one to look inward and up to this point always kept what I would call myself busy but really I know now I was neither productive nor aware I was running from myself. I had to really accept some parts of the teachings even though my mind kept trying to question every part that was so new to me.
It basically showed me how to effectively communicate between my unconscious and conscious mind by communicating in different ways with each part and then finding a language that both parts would understand. It is almost like riding a bicycle where it requires practice but with time the conscious input reduces and the unconscious takes over so you can do it on autopilot. This really was a whole new way of thinking, believing and acting and I found it alien and slow at first to implement.
Summary of Method
  • Define your financial goal in crystal clear terms taking in all your senses, what does it feel like, look like, what success smells like, etc, you should find yourself becoming exciting as it will feel so real to you-when done right!

  • Now set this visualisation as a priority so you are unconsciously conscious of it at all times while still doing normal everyday tasks, i.e. it will be prioritised by your unconscious so that "behind the scenes" work will be going on to get you what you want.

  • Finally resolve any issues which have prevented you from achieving this desire in the past and which would continue to be a stumbling block to future financial successes.
I still practice what I learned and have set even bigger financial goals for myself now which I am working towards. I found the lessons about how to get money fast could be applied to other areas of my life that needed improvement and I was able to help out my friends with their problems also. For example, a friend was in despair. She was in dire straits and really needed to rent out her house.
Using a very simple technique I learned, I was able to show her exactly what she needed to do to generate not only interest in her house but also to bring the right type of client her way. Every night for a week she practiced what I showed her and the following week she phoned me delighted to say she had found model tenants who were willing to move in immediately.

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