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How to Get Chitika Fast Dollar

How to Get Chitika Fast Dollar - Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night. Wherever you are. Back boss Tutorial present in front of you all the tutorials, tips and tricks newest blogger. Horas, Sugeng Rawuh, Wellcome ...

You certainly know that Blogger besides social media information, also can make money / dollars extra. Whether it be a Buy or Sell blogs blog as infotmasi center (news or tutorials). Whatever type of blog that we manage to generate dollars.

How to Get Chitika Fast Dollar
How to get a dollar in the blog is to show a variety of advertising on the blog. Can be a personal ad (orders) or menampilkna ads from the site provider (third party sites).

Cara Mendapatkan Dollar dari Chitika dengan Cepat

One site to display ads provider (publisher) in the blog is Chitika.What it Chitika?Chitika (pronounced Chih-TIH-ka) means, "snapped his fingers". Chitika is derived from the language Telegu (South Indian Language). Chitika's own hope that the speed and accuracy of display ads will be very appropriate to the context and content of the publisher's website.Diwebsite official mentioned that Chitika is an online advertising network and data analysis company headquartered in the United States and India. Since its launch in 2003, Chitika has quickly grown into a leader in the field of Search, Local and Mobile. Chitika has more than 350,000 sites in its advertising network.Performance Chitika has received international recognition and awards. Almost every year Chitika awarded. Some of the awards obtained by Chitika is;Reward

Worcester Business Journal - Top Place to Work / Healthiest Workplaces in MetroWest - 2013
DPAC Award Finalist - Best Mobile Advertising Network Innovation - 2010
SiliconIndia Top 100 Technology Company - 2010
MITx Tech Award Finalist - 2005, 2008
Red Herring North America 100 Winner - 2008
AlwaysOn Northeast 100 Top Private Company - 2008What it Chitika Premium, Chitika Gold, Chitika Silver, Bronze Chitika?Chitika as online advertising networks provide three kinds of ways predicate / levels / tiers for the publisher or owner of the website are: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Rankings were based on performance given Chitika publisher sites. Users can upgrade as needed. At the time of registering an account Chitika, by default accounts received is Silver.Chitika itself has advised, when you sign up for a new account, you are advised to try the level of ad Level Gold (Gold Chitika). If your registration is received in the gold level, you can double (doubled) of your income from Chitika. Some people say that the level of gold (Gold Chitika) can be obtained by making the website look good, there is also the opinion put in place Chitika Premium ads. But the point is the level of Gold Chitika (Chitika Gold) will get more opportunities and more money (Chitika's Gold publishers is equal to more opportunity and more money).Address:Chitika, Inc.1800 West Park Drive, Suite 300Westborough, Massachusetts 01581USA (866) 441-7203PaymentYou will be paid in 2 ways. First through rekenig bank or your Paypal account. All depends on your own choice.

How to register at Chitika:

     Login to the site, click here, then click on "Get Started" in Publisher.
     Enter your personal data, including e-mail
     You just wait for your membership is approved. Notifications will be sent via email for 1-5 working days.
     If approved, you are ready to put an ad in Chitika

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