Friday, 8 May 2015

How To Get Money For Anything Fast - Review

"How to get money for anything fast" but then I read on...and it mentioned something I had never heard before. "How the amazing cybernetic transposition method can bring you all the love, money, health, success or anything else you can name-guaranteed."
Whoa what was "cybernetic transposition?" and now we weren't just taking about money anymore!
Lets face it those of us who around now for a few years (ahem), know that money isn't everything-yes I know it is a bit clich├ęd, but it is true! How many of us know people who have gotten money only to lose it all again. Here this book was talking about having ANYTHING-guaranteed (success, health, money, love etc). Yes please to all of these!
What you will access in this book came about by years of research by Stuart Lichtman. I had personally never heard of him. The book was written in a format that the average Joe or Josephine Bloggs could understand. Who better to do this than Mr Joe Vitale (a true master of visualization and manifesting desires and more commonly known for his role in The Secret).
What he did was to take very technical information and translate it from formulas to a writing style that outlined instructions in a very clear, easily doable form. Nothing is left out and you will be blown away with the content.
NB: A word of advice; do not take these instructions to bed or you won't be able to sleep. Your mind will be working overtime trying to digest everything you read. Instead take some quiet time to yourself (if possible) where you will not be disturbed and simply read, keeping an open mind.
There is a lot to get through, the book alone is 397 pages and believe me you won't want to skip a page. There are also some bonuses he throws in but don't touch them till the very end or you won't get the benefit, (this will make more sense when you are reading the book.
If I were asked to very briefly describe what you will learn-it would be this!
"A system of consciously managing your unconscious mind in ways that empower you to consistently achieve seemingly impossible results in essentially all areas of your life"
This is what Joe Vitale had to say:
"I suggest you think big. Go for your biggest, boldest, most amazing dreams. Because with the Cybernetic Transposition process you are about to learn, you can and will achieve any dream you want".

Personally I nearly cried when I read this. It really hit home to me.
We as kids have really great dreams but when we become adults, things often don't work out the way we want and our dreams seem to fade away or become even more out of reach. This is just my recommendation and it worked for me.
  • I started small with finding money to revamp my garden and now I am looking out at pretty plants and flowers;
  • Then I moved on to finding money to change my car to a better one; then
  • I used cybernetic transposition to find model tenants for a house that was losing money and lying idle for some time.
  • I continue to use what I learned to get bigger and better things.
If you still have unfulfilled dreams or desires, then this may provide the answers you were looking for. It will cost a little but can I put a price tag on what you will gain? I don't think so!

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